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The simple but complete solution, ideal for companies requiring flexibility and ease of programming.
The best investment for an "entry level" CNC machine, to compete with all other lighter and lighter similar models on market.

MULTIAX C The customization of the standard
The models from 3 to 5 controlled axes allows milling and drilling PTP with maximum precision and reliability. Small production lots, but also large series, or in custom processing unit, are possible with the same high quality standards. Designed to be versatile and easy to use, the machine is pleasantly compact and offers a wide range of solutions to meet any production requirements.

Version "DOORS" for kitchen doors
PQT: our patented system for locking pieces to work in unit (ideal for kitchen doors). Unsurpassed and exclusive solution, it allows to work to reduce to zero the set-up times to switch to one dimension to another. And the maximum piece overhang is always under control automatically. Simply through a dedicated software it’s enough to enter the piece dimensions and without jigs, you can already start machining. This is an incredible productive advantage! DFS: our patented allows for centesimal setting to copy the differences in thickness panel and the shaping can be executed by several tools. Version "WINDOWS" for windows frames and cabinets

Dedicated clamping pods, vertical clamps or horizontal vices on manual or CNC-controlled bars, a chain tool magazine large-capacity for big and heavy tools, high torque, liquid cooled motors and powerful software that allows to manage any type of window design.

Version "IN LINE" (through feed manufacturing cell)
Combined working area with rollers and suction cups to handle huge quantities with maximum efficiency and extreme flexibility. With full feeding functions, after recognizing the piece coming in, the machine will automatically setup its parameters set by program. The best answer for a company with a line production flow.

Version TOP
The customization has no limits, when it comes to doors production.
The maximum level of production can be achieved performing different machining cycles at the same time. Three different processes are managed on the work piece using independent processing units.

The operations that can be managed by the C Series are countless. A simple cantilever machine that can eventually be customized to meet high production sharp requirements.

The sturdy configuration and care for details are distinctive features of our products

The benefits of flexibility are clear from the moment of setting up your own exclusive machine configuration.