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One of the most important aspects of an open structure/low rail structure is it gives the maximum accessibility (loading/unloading) either from the front or from the sides. The travelling column design provides an easily accessible ground-level room for crane or fork lift truck loading and unloading.

Beyond this the workpiece can be visualized from different perspectives (this is not possible with suspended gantry structures), for being eventually machined again, without being taken out from the machine. This is very useful to prototype departments or any application where the design of the part must be validated before downloading the mould from the CNC machine.

The rigid, FEM analyzed, heat treated and modular structure of the L series allows to machine at high speed, with a wide range of configurations that makes it the perfect solution for industries requiring large work envelopes, with powerful material removal capacity, and high accuracy and surface finish quality.

The rails can be offered at different heights; floor height, below floor-height, and above floor-height (for example on raised concrete side-walls) depending from case to case

Among the most common jobs there are milling resin plugs and moulds as well as trimming large composite, aluminum or invar components in the aerospace, wind energy, architectural/construction, automotive and marine industries.

We have a great experience in integrating our CNC milling machines with extrusion machines to apply PU or Epoxy paste on model with the CNC milling head and mill the model itself when the material is cured.
The construction design of the L Series, thanks to its stiff and modular architecture construction allows to be integrated with:

Different heads and spindle motors: high accuracy heads, different torque curves and dimensions, sensors and custom software control with warning and alarms, torque heads also available:

  • CNCs (standard Siemens, Fanuc, Osai, others available on request)
  • Heavy Duty Tool Changers to support big tools and units
  • Vacuum, T-slot, cast iron tables, hybrid vacuum/mechanic clamping configurations
  • Clamping devices either on a table or directly on the floor (in one or more independent areas)
  • Different dust extraction solutions
  • Linear and rotary scales
  • Twin drives transmissions
  • Tool and workpiece measuring systems and inspection software
  • Different tool cooling systems
  • Bellows and way covers
  • Laser scanners
  • VDO camera network (operational/safety)
  • Other integrated solutions (waterjet/laser heads, end effectors)

MULTIAX will take care of analyzing with the customers all the side aspects related to the CNC manufacturing process, including:

  • material flow in the CNC room (including clamping systems under the machine)
  • referencing the fixtures and the work pieces
  • tools and production accessories
  • integrated dust/chip extraction/removal devices
  • foundations and civil works.


Heavy Duty low rail gantries, ideal for hybrid configurations