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When required in 5 axis configuration it is called F series, so the M Series is limited to 3-4 axis. Depending from the specific application, the table(s) can be equipped with many different type of surfaces and clamping systems (phenolic vacuum, aluminum, T-slots inserts/steel, rails/pods/vices, additional lathes, special solutions).

The spindle heads and Automatic Tool Changers can be different in function of the materials and the expected performances. Multiple spindles can work as a single unit, on the same slide, or independently (Multiax Independent Cutting Units) with twin independent process. In this case is like having two single table machines, producing independently one different (or identical) part on each table, at the same time. The productivity of these configurations are incredibly amazing.

This machine is excellent for machining composites, FRP, honeycomb or non-ferrous alloys on pendulum cycles, downloadin/loading on one table, whilst the machine is operating on the other one. The machine can also machine aluminum sheet nesting: stacked sheets nesting with the pressure foot for removing micro tags, or high speed single sheet nesting, assisted by a patented vacuum transpiring-adhesive layer.

Another very interesting feature of the M Series is the possibility to add customer specific features to provide more added value to the most strategic production phases connected with strictly machining. Examples are automatic loading/unloading devices, often incorporated on the machine itself, robots for precutting components, before loading them onto the machine and unloading.