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Longitudinal Drive

The smartest closed cell CNC 5 axis machining center for composites

The MULTIAX P MACHINE is a compact, enclosed, moving bridge structure, 5 axes CNC machining Center, engineered to perform 3D operations for:

  • Composites and FRP Manufacturers
  • Aerospace & Honeycomb
  • Automotive and Marine Industries
  • Model & Pattern Makers
  • Thermo-Formers

Features Include:

  • Stiff construction
  • High Accuracy
  • Unprecedented “Up-Time”
  • High Speed Cutting
  • Excellent Service After The Sale
  • Affordable Quality

Extreme care has been put to ensure the structure is rigid enough to allow high accuracies and vibration free surface finish operations. The structure is a reinforced monoblock, FEM analyzed to provide excellent torsional strength, in order to allow reliable heavy duty operations on demanding materials. We follow closely the quality of the fabrications, with a particular focus on the weldments and the heat treatment. The monoblock structure also allows for easy and faster installation at the customer factories, avoiding to repeat longer laser calibration procedures, already made in house.

This machine comes in different work cube sizes and also has a high frequency liquid-cooled spindle which has been designed to be versatile and capable of articulating around and under complex 3D forms. Its modular architecture allows for different configurations, each addressed to diversified production needs.

The bridge is moved with a twin master/slave drive configuration and we can also propose to install a volumetric compensation software to increase the machine accuracy performances. The Z ram is dimensioned to support even some heavy heads usually mounted on bigger machines


Different versions with envelopes from mm. 1800 x 1500 x 900 (single station) to 3.100 x 1.500 x 1.200 (twin station)


Single fix table - with two independent areas, for loading/downloading inside the enclosure with a removable partition to separate one working area from the other load/unload area

Twin moving tables - for loading/unloading outside the enclosure

Shuttle table - (for loading/unloading outside the enclosure)

Wide choice of standard and custom hybrid table surfaces and setup (metal grid, vacuum Bakelite, machined aluminum, flat aluminum with steel T-slots, flat steel with threaded bushes/slots, etc.)


Drilling/Cutting Version (9kW@30.000 rpm) Particularly addressed for drilling/cutting aluminum/composite components, it is characterized by a power curve with max peak at higher rpm. The typical operations include edge trimming, contouring, cutting of aluminum and composite materials

Pattern Version (10kW @ 24.000 rpm) A perfect all-around spindle with more power at lower operating speed, very compact design has been studied for general routing operations on 3D surfaces, important material removal, to be used with wider diameter tools, studied mainly for machining composite advanced materials, FRPs or alluminum

Heavy Duty (15kW @ 24.000 rpm) Very sturdy spindle, proposed for milling, drilling/cutting operations on very hard reinforced polymer materials or composite/alloy compounds (CFRP/Al)


Standard 8 pressurized positions, 16 positions, 30 positions magazine and other special solutions


MQL oil/air mist, cold air blower, touch probe, toolsetters, inspection software, laser scanner to import 3D surfaces, scales, laser calibration, etc.

Dust protection packages including roof enclosure, dust extraction hood on the head, way covers, scraps extraction with conveyors, manual drawers under working areas